Saturday, October 2, 2010


Can you believe it I was so excited about my new adventure and blogging about it that I forgot to mention the small fact that my biopsies came back clear, got the news last night! How cool is that. Delirious and I'm sure the head thing is a trapped nerve, I just need to go see the physio.

Off to Marrakesh next weekend, can you believe its our 10th wedding anniversary. Yes yes sun eventually, pray for me that there isnt a blooming monsoon or something, be just my luck.

Got to dash keep promising to go to the gym and havent gotten there yet....... so I'm going right now.

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New Blog Address

I'm into my new blog in fact it looks a lot sexier than this one ;-) Hope you enjoy the ride or read whichever way you want to look at it!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Blog coming soon !!!!

Yes Bloggers I have something new to talk to you about, hoo bloomin' rah!

Me and a bunch of other fearless females (well a couple of hairy blokes too including my hubby, coming to hold our suitcases, and hands frankly if there are any scary snakes or spiders) are going to Kenya from 26th November until 5th Dec this year to work with a small charity which runs an orphanage and school there (its called Hope and Kindness). We are going to try and raise as much money as we can both before and hopefully afterwards and do as many things as we can while we are there to help them both from a practical perspective but also helping them manage their lives, planning, running a business etc too. We are all really excited, you can feel the excitement and energy when we are together. No surprised but I have volunteered to be blog meister and we are going to record a video diary so watch for the new blog address to sign up to which i will post here soon with some piccies and link to video too............

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can you believe it I am writing this whilst being filmed for Macmillan!

Yes bloggers, every blogger has their day and I'm just having mine.

I told you Macmillan wanted to hear my story well they've come round with the camera crew to film it. Oh goodness if only I knew how to blowdry my hair properly! I'm sure I needed a bit more blusher too, well anyways you'll be able to see for yourself soon.

So here I am at the kitchen table doing my speed typing (well trying anyway) whilst someone films me, slightly boring if you ask me, I mean who wants to film someone typing. They were filming me in the front room just now and a blooming monster spider ran across, distracting poor tessa (nice lady interviewer)!!!! I was very grown up and didnt scream. Goodness its hard typing under pressure I mean what do I say, it needs to flow, and they are still filming me. Where is my wit it has desserted me. Of I go out to the garden now.....

Tessa just asked me if I'd done this before, NO! I said, it all feels very unnatural, I feel so unprepared and speaking too much, too fast. OK OK what else is new.

Phew they've finally gone and I can rest and let my tummy hang out now.....

More laters, off to plan a party now, I know I know cant help myself, I just love organising charity balls, March 2011, yeah!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Blogger!!!

Another week bloggers, where does the time go, sure I had a week off but I really cant remember it now. Did I say somewhere in my previous blogs that I would slow down after all of this was over, no probably not knowing me, and just as well, I am a stupid workaholic. So many personal things and people I dont get around to, makes me feel bad about myself, managed to finally get a couple of cards in the post today that I've been meaning to send.

Had my biopsy the other day, he said there is now a dimple where the tumour was, most people want dimples in their cheeks but me I've got to be have clever and have one in my arse! gotta wait a couple of weeks though now to get results, I think its all good, thats what my gut is telling me anyway. Head things not so good though, left a message for the Oncologist, no response, she probably thinks i'm mad. I think its probably stress related, why do i keep focusing on what I dont get done rather than what i do!

Spoke to Macmillan today, she loved my story about the ring of fire playing while I was getting burnt at radiotherapy, how can you live without humour, anyway they are coming next week to talk to me, bit exciting and daunting at the same time, I mean I want to help but does anyone really want to hear what I have to say and what the hell is my hair going to look like more to the point (they are bringing cameras with them) ;-) Hairdresser is busy so I'm on my own! I hate my voice and my picture, not a good start, you never stop being vain unfortunately. I spoke to her about my scar, I am realising more as time goes on how traumatised I am by the stupid thing, more vanity..... We also spoke to the guy from the Kenyan orphanage yesterday, hubby is coming with me, I think we are in for more shock than we think, worse than our wildest dreams but hopefully it will give us perspective. Connor was asking where the tv will go, that is funny, sweet and shocking at the same time, we can build a whole house for less than we would spend on a tv, cant get my head around it. I have so much and I bet those guys would give me whatever they have, I am definitely going to do a blog while I'm there, probably a video one, if you know my hubby you just know its going to be funny seeing how he deals without tv, sky + and an x box!

Well bloggers off to bed shortly so signing off for now. You notice no speak of exercise, maybe tomorrow, wine was better prospect tonight and scoffing a bit of chocolate in front of hubby. Tell you what if I'm going to have to give him a £100 for not eating chocolate for a month (eating everything else in sight instead of course!) dont ask long story and stupid bet I should have known it would just mean he would start eating packets of ginger biscuits instead. I really need to start getting my monies worth, I've been way too far. x

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A month without a blog!!!

Well almost, what is going on with the world, call myself a blogger! I guess my excuse is that I have been mega busy and I guess although now I reflect I actually have done a lot it didnt feel like it until now.

So what has been going on then since my bootcamp. Well i'm a bit quicker since I did that first run around Virginia Water, 8 minutes quicker to be precise but I must say I haven't done as much running as I promised myself. Quite a bit of walking and other exercise though so all is not lost, well not yet anyway. We've just come back from a week in Cornwall (cant believe it finally came, I remember so vividly planning it months ago and writing about it in my blog), we took the uber cool camper van and went and stayed at a great place (Retallack Resort), definitely recommend it, the flow rider is great fun. My partner in crime from the bootcamp (Michelle) was with me for the weekend plus Annabelle and Nick and all the kids of course. Such fun, didnt do a lot apart from drinking to be honest but never mind, and I didnt do much exercise during the week either, well three exercise classes (in the smallest sweatiest studio you've ever seen with mental marie getting us all banging into each other, oh yes that was just me and betty) and some walking, i thought we would be walking for miles but we really didnt have the time with the whole flowrider thing ;-) I didnt do it, what with the infections,back and all but I would have loved to, made me feel old and boring and untrendy mum but it was lovely watching the smile on connors face.

The weekend before I was so impressed with him, we walked around 12 miles from Sandbanks to Swanage along the cliff path, over beaches etc (even a nudist beach, now that was interesting, men running in the nude, we all flinched at that). So you see bloggers I am starting to do what I promised and showing connor the UK, trouble is its so blooming expensive I might have to give it a break for a month or so, I know i know i could go camping or something and do it on the cheap but if you had seen the weather last monday in cornwall you wouldnt think it was such a good idea trust me!

So health wise bloggers you may wonder what is going on, given i've decided to write another blog it normally means something is going on right. Well yes, I cant seem to get rid of dreaded infections, nothing really bad, just a kind of lingering itchy, yucky feeling, I've had horrid antibiotics that meant I couldnt drink for a week and creams and potions but its still there. I do have my biopsy finally this week though which is a good thing. Tiredness, overwhelming tiredness at the moment, I think maybe the whole treatment thing finally caught up with me. Oh and one last thing, you cant help it, you and those around you get really paranoid whenever you have any little thing, things you would definitely have ignored before but now of course its all potentially cancer. Scary really but i've had this thing going on in my head for the last week or so, like when you turn it too quickly and it jars but even when i havent done it if that makes sense, and the last two days, like mega headache time, yesterday I couldnt do anything and today it kind of went a little bit but has come back with avengence in the last hour or so. I thought it was because I havent been drinking enough water but drunk gallons of the stuff today. So I guess here I am stuck with being a hypochondriac, phil has made me promise to go to the doctors which I cant really not do but I feel stupid I'm sure its nothing, (well 90% of me is), maybe I'll just contact my oncologist and see what she thinks.....

And now on to the good things in life (well apart from my family of course ;-) along with some other lovely ladies from work (and a couple of hairy blokes) we've finalised a trip to go help an orphanage in Kenya at the end of November, something I've wanted to do for such a long time. I've also contacted Macmillan, I said if I could help anyone I would so what better way to do it than through them. No idea what I'm going to do exactly but they are coming to see me at the end of September to hear about my story. ;-) So maybe some more stuff to blog about after all. Sorry it wasnt a funny one today but the head just didnt allow.

Night all.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bikini Body Babes - Yep thats what we are!

Well bloggers what a weekend, I have not laughed so much for so long for an awful long time! And can you believe I came home today and went for a 4 and a half mile run round virginia water lake, I really dont know what came over me and I cant blame anyone else except myself because it was all my idea, the thing is I made it, still cant believe it and neither can my legs, boy are they hurting now, god knows what they will be like by the time morning comes....

So back to 6.45am yesterday morning and thankfully no hangover, good start when you are going to be exercising all day. Its embarrassing to write it down and honest we dont have an alcohol problem and of course we were on the bikini bootcamp but we still managed to down a bottle of champers and 4 glasses of wine each, good job we started early! I think Drill Instructor Mike got the measure of us pretty quickly because when they messed up our beauty bookings so they werent at the same timem as way of consolation he got them to give us a free bottle of champers, not that I'm complaining mind.

Breakfast was three little bowls of fruit and some yummy kind of porridge, muesli thing. Mummy Mumma (thats the rather large coloured lady) asked if there was any more after that, think she was looking for a bacon sarnie, she wasnt impressed when Mike said she shouldnt have her cup of tea, caffeine not good before a long day exercising apparently. Actually her and her daughter, Baby Mumma were quite nice and rather interesting but clearly not that experienced in the exercise department. Still cant really work out why they were there given that Mummy Mumma didnt/couldnt do half the stuff! Sian the pharmacist is the slowest eater on the planet I have decided and Raymondo is a close second..

So off we set at 7.30am for a brisk hour and a half walk, followed by circuits. Raymondo didnt disappoint in his sexy outfit, couldnt do boxing because he crashed his microlight it turns out?!?. We were at this point joined by Drill Instructor Number 2, his name is Mark, its all M's! At the end of each circuit (we had to do three, on the sand, 2 long gruelling hours) we had to throw a die and take the challenge, what do we get, jump in the pool first (save that for the end) and then cha cha cha (very amusing watching the instructors, they didnt like that one) and then a crab race, which of course I won. Then its jump in the pool time, Raymondo took his top off, Michelle had to stop me grabbing his moobs and beer belly, the rest of us did our Wet T Shirt look. So whats next, finally some real food (michelle and I were so starving we nicked half the bread rolls) and then a cross country bike ride. I'm in my padded shorts, no flies on me, Raymondo and Cabbage Patch Sian (sorry but just realised today thats what she looks like) are in their Jeans!!!!! Only brought one set of clothes they say. Gross, I'm like you are not seriously going to do this exercise in your jeans. Raymondo comes back with drawstring shorts on, OMG me and my big mouth, even more gross now. He is soooo competitive (well he had to be decent at something) and right up Mark's arse (small but perfectly formed as Michelle said). How muddy, we are like slipping all over the place, my white trainers are black, my face and arse covered in mud but really really exhilarating if a little scary and very hard work. I like the grove, so laid back, we go into the studio covered in mud, honest, to do our fitball class and stretching, cabbage patch sian, still in her jeans, honestly. Michelle says their stretching looked like foreplay, I am laughing hysterically but couldnt bring myself to look. Michelle fell of her fitball, I am laughing so hard at her I fall off mine too, that will teach me!

Next a relaxing treatment, that was everyone else's not mine, mine is a pretty rough scrubbing and massage but its good none the less. Little cat nap required at that point, on my own as you will remember cos of mess up on treatment times, michelle wakes me up with champers, oh ok then I say. We polish that off quicker than you can say jack robinson and try and gatecrash a couple of weddings on the way to dinner. Seriously we had to walk through both to get to the restaurant, we could have gone for it but how could we miss another fantastic night with the misfits!

We are exhausted, literally eat and stagger back off to bed and deep slumber, today we discover that Raymondo and Cabbage Patch Sian stayed for hours so they could keep tucking into the free buffet. Turns out they only won the blooming trip, at a pharmaceutical conference, wonder if Raymondo wore his shorts to that. This morning she comes to breakfast in lilac hotpants. Yikes. She says all this spa kind of stuff is not top of her priority list, frankly looking at her cellulite it should be (hell we've all got it but dont need to show the stuff off , I could see that holey cheese from last night I swear it), maybe her priority is staying white, she is milk bottle, only one thing worse than brown cellulite in lilac hotpants, you got it its white cellulite. Sorry if I sound like a cow, just saying what everyone thinks and really nothing terribly personal, sure she is a lovely lady really. Sorry but after the courgette thing I cant warm to Ray so I'm not going to say he's nice, tight wad, complaining he had to sign for our dinners last night (thats cos he ate enough for the lot of us!) as if he was going to have to pay for them. Some people! Plus I saw as he was checking out today that he had nicked the extra bikini butt bag we were given, saddo.

Well my story is nearly over, we believe it or not went for more punishment in the gym, we were feeling good. All I can say is running isnt my strong point and balance isnt Michelles, we had a real giggle and poor Mike showed us some more exercises, sure he was glad to see the back of us all, little does he know we will be back for more. Totally totally worth every penny we loved it and they are going to do a ski bootcamp apparently, sign us up!

Night Night, hope you enjoyed the read...